Tuesday, June 11, 2019

BRICK MAGIC: Volume 1 is here!

To commemorate the ten year anniversary of NC Skate, I am pleased to bring you The Brick Magic Archives. A film created between 2010 and 2012 by a group of friends, and skateboarders, attending NC State University.
While this video is nearly a decade old, it is ripe with the essence of skateboarding: FUN.
There is no shortage of good times and fond memories here.
-An NC Skate film, 2012


Sunday, September 23, 2018

The future of skateboarding...

Everyone involved in the NC Skate movement has gone on to make, and continue to make, huge impacts on the world in all different ways. Keegan, however, has stayed the course all these years and continues to reshape the way Universities and Skateboarding fit together. 
Keegan and other influential skaters now have their very own nonprofit and are awarding scholarships to deserving, college-bound skateboarders! What better way to promote growth and involvement in the skate world than sponsoring the next generation to make their own impact.

If you are a skater looking to go to college, or someone looking to help the cause, or just want to hear more about the College Skateboarding Educational Foundation, visit: https://www.collegeskateboarding.com/

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Progress: Dalton Newbury

Remember that toddler on a skateboard with the orange beanie that kickflipped the infamous State 10-stair back in the 2011 NC Skate contest?? If you need a little refresher watch this video: ncsk8/2011/let-story-be-told
And then watch the part above. That's progress. And this is Dalton's Melodi part that was featured on Thrasher recently. Props Dalton! Keep on pushin'... you're doing something right.

Progress: Rob Werner

Rob is insane - and I mean that with love. Rob is one of those people you struggle to understand, and then you see him skate and immediately you are saying 'Oh, I get it!.' His skating is perfection... on another level... or planet really!
Rob's the best and I grew up skating with him and just being inspired. (Miss you homie!)
Watch this part and I guarantee you will be hitting rewind on that ender over and over and over again! Shit's magic 

Progress: Isaac White

Isaac White is the homie! Simple, raw, passion for skateboarding. Isaac was there since day one as the little ripper always out making it happen on NCSU campus. You didn't have to call Isaac or even look for him - he was always there, getting his. He put in the work and now he's making it known out in Seattle. This is his most recent part from his Seattle crew that was featured on Transworld last year. Pure skate life.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Skateboarding and music go hand in hand. Whether it's to get you psyched up to hop on that beast of a handrail you've been eyeing, or your body just cannot take the punishment day after day like it used to -music is a great way to spend the time in between slams and keep the hype.
Some friends' bands came thru earlier this month for a little Shreddin'. Here's a small taste of the madness and destruction.
Sometimes you just gotta rock on! ...enough said.

If you like what you hear and see you can support the bands at these links:

Vacant Company

Drunk on the Regs

Mom Genes

Atomic Buzz


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The board is your vehicle...

Even though most of us who started this life force known as NC Skate have graduated, the spirit still lives on. It has taken on various forms. Locally, the skate culture is constantly adapting and growing. On campus, the impacts of NC Skate have paved the way for skateboarding to thrive. 
For me it is the mindset of exploration by way of the skateboard. Like clockwork, every few months I get fed up with the everyday life and call in a good 'ol NC Skate vacation. Trips with homies never get old. Everybody needs that escape; that time to refresh. It's good to know that 7 years later the whole crew is still down to take it back to the roots of where it all started and hit the road. Only now with means to travel a little farther (there are some benefits to working a 9-to-5 if you play your cards right).
Here's a little edit from a skate vacation to Tokyo, Japan. Some photos can be found here. The board is your vehicle.