Monday, January 9, 2017

Still Pushin'... Collegiate Recap

Just because all has been quiet here, that doesn't mean that the college skate scene hasn't been continuing to make waves all throughout the country. Keegan has moved home base to LA and Collegiate Skate Tour is thriving now more than ever. Here are some highlights to catch you up on the journey from the past two years. The hype lives on, rain or shine.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hop on the Magic Tour Bus...

Summer is the perfect time to throw your boards and back sacks into the trunk of your friend's beat up Civic and hit the road. SO to get you in the spirit, it only seems appropriate that we fill you in on the recent expeditions of Keegan Guizard and the Collegiate Skate Tour.

Keegan, a co-founder and former officer of NC Skate, graduated NCSU in 2012 as a business entrepreneur and since been traveling all over the states with his skateboard start-up company, Collegiate Skate Tour. Keegan's endeavor has opened the doors for events like the one's here in Raleigh to be held all over the country. Members of NC Skate have been hoping on this tour bus every chance they can get for the past year, and I must say it has had a gigantic impact on keeping the hype alive. Here is a video from our trip to NYC for reference.

For more info on Collegiate Skate Tour visit
Or contact to see how you can bring the fun to a city near you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ramp Jam 1: Backyardigans...

Yes, it's been too long stranger.

Some significant time has passed since the last post on the NC Skate page, but that's not because or a lack of activity in the NC Skate and Raleigh, NC community. Too much has taken place to recap all in one post... and that's probably the cause for the inactivity on this page.

In the past year NC Skate traveled to NYC and Cocoa Beach, FL; we constructed our own "Beastly" mini-ramp... then deconstructed that mini-ramp (currently in the process of moving it); we got legal street plaza skate spots approved for construction in downtown Raleigh in the coming years; and the list goes on.

Instead of dropping a bomb of skate-chronology here, we will be gradually getting up to speed with posts every week or so this summer. So follow along these coming months to see what's been happening in the thriving skate land of Raleigh and to see how you can be involved. By the fall watch out for a whole new band of bros in the NC State Skateboarding Club and a consistent output of gnar.

For starters, here is a look at the ramp jam that went down literally the day after the Beast was skateable, on Nov. 16th 2013.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...

This semester we started a new community service project... Actually, with the leadership of the Club's new president, we've started quite a few new projects serving the greater Raleigh community. This is  one that looks promising. We will be taking a handful of club members to the Boy's and Girl's Club of America in Raleigh once a month to teach skateboarding. Here are some clippits from our first visit to the center... 

We were welcomed with open arms and excitement, as we each received a special nickname from the kids within minutes. "Can someone please explain why I am 'One-direction' ?"

This semester's game..

Here's a few quick highlights from the Game of S.T.A.T.E. competition that when down on 2/17/2013, following the beloved traditions of the club. Despite being rained out on the 16th, we had a successful event for all of the local skate-patrons the next day. In case you missed it, this is a quick peep of what went down... oh, and we did get some rain during the event, but the storm only came to drop shoes, shirts, wheels, hoodies, and a massive precipitation of stickers... so, no one was complaining. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brick Magic Archives: Intro 'n Out-takes

NC Skate's first edition to the 'Brick Magic Archives' will be coming next month. This is a little taste of what is to come. Features NC Skate homies, Raleigh locals, and footage from trips to Phili, D.C., Charlotte, and NJ. Prepare yourself, ya turkey.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Served up Daily!

Back Logo

The club just got in our new tees and they are for sale tho the public for $15 a piece. The shirts were made with a focus on comfort first, style second. They are a navy blue tag-less tee, with a front left chest pocket and the classic 'NC Skate' lettering embroidered on the pocket. The back is the large logo shown above, drawn by Alex Isenburger and rendered by Rob Russell.

To get your own limited edition tee email with the size and quantity of shirts. The price is set a $15 ea. no exceptions, delivery included.

Technically, the back should read '(G)narwhal served daily!', but this is obviously a new breed of gnarly mammals that we are harboring here, so grab a beer and kick it with a hearty serving of Gnarwhale.